Client Testimonials

"Kathleen has earned the trust of senior executive, and understands the challenges and opportunities facing leadership in carrying out the mandate of government. She has the ability to coach and develop individuals and teams to achieve excellent results. She would be an asset to any leader or organization working with her." Beverly Dicks, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of BC, Victoria, BC

"In my tenure as an Assistant Deputy Minister within the Province of BC, I have utilized Kathleen's expertise as an executive coach to support and develop senior staff. I found Kathleen skilled at her ability to empower staff to reach their potential by building confidence, improving strategic thinking and encouraging thoughtful introspection. I have great respect for Kathleen's abilities as a coach and would strongly recommend her to assist you in building your team's business acumen".  LDB, Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Government of BC, Victoria, BC

"One of Kathleen's greatest strengths is her listening skills. She helped me to explore areas I wanted to develop and led me to realize that I had more abilities than I had thought. After my time with Kathleen I felt more confident to manage my challenges at work and my career path in general."  Stephen N., Banking Industry, Toronto, Ontario

"In 2015/2016 I had the privilege of taking part in Leadership Victoria’s Community Leadership Development Program. As part of the program, the twenty-one participants (myself included) were divided into Community Action Project (CAP) teams and given the task of creating and leading a community project. Each CAP team was assigned a Team Coach and our team lucked out with Kathleen. From day one, Kathleen helped guide our team through thick and thin with her poised and level-headed style. A good listener, and with a keen eye for detail, Kathleen made a point to ensure that each team member felt heard and that our team was seeing the complete picture. Our team’s project was a fairly involved one that required many meetings and a fair amount of communication; without taking control of our project, she helped us prioritize our objectives and coach us towards very definitive and positive outcomes. Thank you Kathleen!"  Adrien Leduc, Leadership Victoria Alumnus 2016

"I engaged Kathleen as a professional coach to assist me for four main reasons: 1) to assist me in setting and achieving defined goals and realize positive results; 2) to engage in a confidential and trusting environment to problem solve and work through challenges; 3) to assist me in my professional and personal growth; and 4) to develop tools and strategies for ongoing job and career success. Kathleen’s calm and engaging presence and general approach to coaching, which I would characterize as professional, performance-focused and respectful; not only provided me with new ideas, skills and ongoing success, but also provided me an environment in which to grow and develop and reach new levels of confidence. I appreciate Kathleen’s style, professionalism and commitment and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, effective and responsive coach.” Deb G., Executive Lead, Government of BC, Victoria BC

"Kathleen provided me with a safe environment to reflect on and explore work issues that were getting in the way of doing my best. She is able to ask questions in such a way that I was able to see the root of an issue. This has given me the increased confidence to seek more complex work opportunities.  Kathleen's calm and supportive approach has made a genuine difference in my success at work and has had a ripple effect in other areas of my life." Leanne H., Government of BC, Victoria, BC

"While working for a non-profit organization, I reaped the benefits from several sessions of coaching with Kathleen Asher. Although these were conferences conducted remotely, I felt a definite connection with Kathleen and benefitted from her coaching skills. The contents of our discussions were highly sensitive and throughout those conversations, I so appreciated Kathleen’s objectivity and her ability to pose thoughtful questions which helped to bring clarity to my dilemma. An individual with fine-tuned intuition, astute insights, attentive listening skills and impeccable professionalism, Kathleen comes to the coaching table eminently qualified.”  Julian Di Castri Educational Services Consultant, Long and McQuade Musical Instruments, Alberta

"Kathleen is a wonderfully intuitive coach that brings a wealth of corporate knowledge and experience to her coaching. She's genuinely fun to work with yet relentless at getting to the root of an issue. Kathleen would make a powerful thinking partner for any success-driven professional needing direction in life."  Jessica Manca, Certified Executive Coach & Founder, Managing Mindspaces Seattle, WA

"I was given the opportunity to work with Kathleen in a coaching capacity for several years.  I enjoyed each session with Kathleen and derived great value from our conversations which I was able to directly apply to my daily work and career.  Kathleen's welcoming, accepting nature combined with her teaching, mentoring approach created many "lightbulb" moments for me during our time together.  Above all, Kathleen is a great listener who knows just the right questions to ask at the right time helping you to clearly see your next steps for the given situation. Thank you, Kathleen!"  Sharon K., Government of BC, Victoria, BC

"Kathleen was instrumental in helping me to achieve my professional goals. Through our coaching partnership, I was able to identify and develop the leadership qualities necessary for me to progress to the next level in my career.  With Kathleen’s assistance through our coaching sessions, I now have the job I aspired to be in".  Nadine C., Government of BC, Victoria, BC