I offer one-on-one coaching to individuals and teams.

Working with a coach helps you find personalized actions and goals to move forward. A coach is a thinking partner who is a mirror to reflect your ideas, desires, opportunities, and challenges so you move forward in your authentic way. Above all, it is a partnership to help you navigate your journey to your aspirations. 

I really enjoy working with people who feel 'held back' or 'stuck' in some way and want more authenticity and passion in their life. While my focus is on professional coaching, there is a natural ripple effect into most client's personal lives. I coach with a ‘whole' person view as professional and personal goals are often very connected.

I use my backbone and heart in asking curious and bold questions. Highly intuitive, I often recognize what's not being said, and create a safe space to talk about those things to help you move forward. I will be your accountability partner to help hold yourself accountable to your action plans. 

I've worked with clients who have achieved results through coaching on a variety of topics, including:

  •     day to day leadership challenges
  •     unique challenges facing women leaders
  •     challenges with organizational change management
  •     issues management - political/public interest
  •     career development / transition
  •     development of small businesses
  •     identification of blind spots
  •     feeling stuck or held back
  •     360 assessment results
  •     self-confidence/self-awareness
  •     interpersonal relationships/team dynamics


Book a complimentary 30 minute sample session to determine whether coaching is a good fit for you.

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Coaching sessions are generally 60 minutes long. Packages are available for individuals as well as for teams. Sessions are generally conducted in-person at a mutually agreeable location, over the phone, or through Zoom video-conferencing.