I’m Kathleen Asher and I want to inspire you to discover new possibilities for yourself and embrace change. Located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, I offer professional executive / leadership coaching services for individuals and teams (in-person and through Zoom videoconferencing). Please take a tour around to learn more about coaching and whether it may be right for you! You can sign-up for news and updates at the bottom of this page.

Why 'Symmetry'? 
Symmetry is generally thought of as meaning balance and proportion. In coaching, I see symmetry as creating goals with clear intention and taking the actions necessary to reach those goals. This means balance, harmony, reflection, and many other things in both a professional and personal context. Working with a coach can help you move forward in an action oriented and authentic way. A coach is a thinking partner who is like a mirror, reflecting back what they hear in your ideas, desires, opportunities, and challenges to help you move forward in a way that is uniquely right for you. 

About my Logo: 
People have asked what inspired my logo. A simple question with a less than simple answer. I wanted something symmetrical to reflect the idea of looking inward and outward and circular to symbolize how we continually evolve. The hard and soft edges convey the ideas of backbone and heart. And of course it had to be unique to symbolize the complexities of being human and the desire to continually evolve, learn and grow. It reflects me and the diversity of clients I serve.